Keywords = Moho depth
Evaluating CRUST1.0 crustal model efficiency for Moho depth estimation in Middle East region

Volume 48, Issue 1, May 2022, Pages 1-11


Parastoo Jalooli; Hamid Reza Siahkoohi; Hossein Zomorrodian

3-D S-velocity structure of upper mantle and Moho depth variations in the Makran subduction zone

Volume 37, Issue 2, October 2011, Pages 153-169

Navid Shad Manaman; Zaher Hosein Shomali; Noorbakhsh Mirzaei

The crustal structure beneath the northwest of the Zagros (Kermanshah Region) from teleseismic receiver functions

Volume 35, Issue 4, November 2010

Narges afsari; Forogh Sodoudi; Mohammad reza Gheitanchi; A kaviani; Fataneh Taghizadeh Farahmand