The Journal of the Earth and Space Physics (JESP) is an open access specialized journal, published by the Institute of Geophysics, University of Tehran. It was started in 1971 with the aim to publish papers in all areas of the Geophysical Sciences. Papers are welcome in the following subjects: Earthquake Seismology, Exploration Seismology, Earth's Gravitational field, Terrestrial and Satellite Geodesy, Tides, Geomagnetism and Palaeomagnetism, Geoelectric, Meteorology, Atmospheric Physics, Air pollution, Luminescence Dating, Physical Oceanography, Solar Physics, Astronomy, Astrophysics and other related areas. The JESP publishes in four issues per year.

Current Issue: Volume 48, Issue 2, August 2022 (online publication date: 31 August 2022) 

Paleostrees analysis and Evaluation of Movement potential of Dochah Fault, Central Iran

Pages 293-308


Mohadese Ajami; Reza Nozaem; Mohsen Eliassi; Saeed Madanipour; Saeed Haj Amini; Vahid Tavakoli; Kosar Shadram

Analysis and prediction of EOP time series using LSHE+ARMA method

Pages 309-323


Mohammad Ali Sharifi; Shayan Shirafkan; Seyyed Mohsen Khazraei; Ali Reza Amiri Simkoei