Author = Hossein Zomorodian
Validation of global ocean tide models in coastal regions of Persian Gulf and Oman Sea using coastal tide gauge observations

Volume 39, Issue 2, September 2013, Pages 205-214


Hosein Zomorodian; Alireza Ardalan; Nasrin Khodabakhsh-Shahrestani

Separation of the gravity anomaly using discrete wavelet analysis and comparing to other classical methods

Volume 37, Issue 4, April 2012, Pages 17-35


Mehrdad Alimoradiyan; Hossein Zomorrodian; Arash Motasharreie

Inversion of gravity data in wavelet domain using normalized forward models

Volume 36, Issue 1, November 2010

Arash Motasharreie; Hossein zomorodian; hamid reza SiahKoohi; Mahmod Mirzaei

Estimating depth and model type due finite step, thin and thick dikes using the continuous wavelet transform

Volume 35, Issue 3, November 2009

Arezo Gholghasi; Hossein Zomorodian; mohsen Ovaisi; Mohammad Saeidi