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Number of Articles: 6
1. DC Electrical Resistance Tomography Inversion

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 20 September 2021


Reza Ghanati; Mahdi Fallah Safari

2. Application of Forward and Inverse Modelling to High-Resolution Gravity Data for Mineral Exploration

Volume 46, Issue 4, Winter 2021, Pages 117-129


Gideon O, Layade; Hazeez O. Edunjobi; Victor Makinde; B. Saheed Bada

3. Ground Based Gravimetric for the Detection and Depth Mapping of Subsurface Geological Features of Ilesha, Southwest Nigeria

Volume 46, Issue 4, Winter 2021, Pages 159-171


Gideon O. Layade; Hazeez O. Edunjobi; Kehinde D. Ajayi; D. P. Olujimi

4. Study of changes physical parameters in Chahbahar Bay water in winter monsoon (2006-2007)

Volume 37, Issue 4, Spring 2012, Pages 195-216


Fereshteh Komijani; Vahid Chegini; Mohammad reza Banazade Mahani; Mohammad Saeed Sanjani

5. The effect of pore geometry on seismic wave velocities in carbonate rocks from hydrocarbon reservoirs

Volume 35, Issue 3, Autumn 2009

Jafar Vali; Ezatollah Kazemzadeh; hesam Aloki Bakhtiari; Mohammad Reza Esfahani