The researches carried out in recent years show that the total column ozone (TCO) could have significant diurnal variations caused by photochemical and synoptic factors. Using a ground-based Dobson ozone instrument and Nimbus-7 Total Ozone Mapping Spectrometer (TOMS) data, this paper discusses the relationship between the daily total column ozone changes and the weather condition over Esfahan (32 37 N, 51 40 E) during 1997. To investigate the relationship between the daily TCO and synoptic conditions, 43 cases are discussed at which the daily ozone deviations are statistically significant. A relatively good agreement is found between the tropopause height and the daily TCO changes In addition, the jet stream shift is shown to be a very important factor affecting the total column ozone in Esfahan, Iran. Weak or no relation was found between the daily TCO and other synoptic factors such as the type of fronts and daily surface pressure changes. The results can be employed qualitatively in a rough estimation of the daily TCO and the UV index forecast as well.