In conventional seismic reflection technique to improve the signal to noise ratio processing steps perform in common midpoint (CDP) gathers. To remove the effects of the offset normal move out correction, the operator does not perform well through reflectors which have intersecting dips beneath the surface. In this case, the dip move out operator will be able to remove the effect of the dip. All the known dip-move out (DM0) algorithms that are not integral methods require seismic data to be sorted in regularly sampled constant-offset sections. Sometimes sorting data is time consuming and difficult. In contrast, DM0 in shot profiles can be applied directly to shot records. The shot-DMO operator is space- variant and time-variant. After a logarithmic transformation the time and the space coordinates, the operator becomes time-invariant and space-invariant. In this paper, shot-DMO operator was used for a 2-D seismic line of central Iran. Field data show that the shot-DMO method yields stacked sections better than stacked sections with f-k DM0 for constant- offset sections.