Snowmelt-runoff simulation is an important concern in different aspects of snowy watershed management. But data scarcity is often an obstacle in such a simulation. Inadequate data has restricted the modelers to employ simpler methods. The present paper is aimed at modeling ungauged snowy catchments with more complicated methods, wherein the required data has been generated. For this objective the SWAT (Soil and Water Assessment tool), Degree-Day, SRM, and SNOW17 are identified for detailed evaluations, which are combinations of temperature, temperature-radiation and energy budget based methods. These methods have been programmed and linked with the SWAT model so as to take advantage of SWAT weather data generation capability, and also to ensure uniformity in evaluation of the snowmelt algorithms. Off line performance evaluation of these selected modules has been carried out for the Ammameh watershed in Iran. The results show better performance of the energy budget method using synthesized data, compared with solely simple temperature-based method.