The susceptibility and magnetic anisotropy of the volcanic rocks of
Damavand volcano lacated in NE of Tehran, Iran and their relationships with petro fabric, geology and strain have been studied.
For this purpose the susceptibility of several sampels from six sites of the north Emamzadeh Ali stream which is located in NE of
Tehran was measured and then magnetic fabric was computed.
Measurement of susceptibility and computation of its anisotropy
have been done on the basis of second order tensor which was defind
for susceptibility ellipsoid and its anisotropy. The dominant strain of the region is determined by considering the correspondence of the susceptibility ellipsoid with the strain ellipsoid. The direct estimating methods of strain ellipsoid are very hard comparing to this method. Other advantage of the method used in this study is to correlate the geology and petrology maps. The results show a number of linear relationships between various parameters of the magnetic fabric.