This paper describes a methodology for the integrated interpretation of airborne
magnetic and airborne y-ray spectrometer data. The Darrehzar porphyry copper deposit is
situated in the Uromieh-Dokhtar magmatic assemblage of Central Iran. Phyllic and
propylitic alteration are pervasive in the area but potassic and argillic alterations are not
readily recognized on the surface. The spatial distributions of geophysical data resemble the
lithological and alteration patterns in the area. The Darrehzar porphyry copper deposit is
considered as a control site for determination of the degree that the geophysical data is correlated with the mineralization zone. Airborne magnetic/radiometric, geochemical
/alteration and ground geophysical data sets have been integrated and analyzed using
canonical correlation method. This technique is found to be useful for the delineation of
hydrothermally altered areas and data compression.