The goal of this work is to determine the directions of fissures that contain water around the well drilled at a distance of 1930m along the main road to Tochal telecabin. To investigate this problem, a geoelectrical survey was conducted combining dipole-dipole and Schlumberger arrays. At the beginning of the survey, Schlumberger array profile carried out along the road. The electrical tomography obtained from the 2D inversion of the data showed anomaly with low resistivity between 7m to 30m of depth. Then one dipole-dipole array profile overlaying on the Schlumberger array profile crossing the well was carried out. To improve the inverse model using the vertical resolution of Schlumberger array and the horizontal resolution of dipole-dipole array, we performed a joint inversion of Schlumberger and dipole-dipole data. We conclude that the joint inversion improves the resolution of section obtained from each array separately.