Interpretation of aeromagnetic data in the Khorramabad region using improved integrated Analytic signal and Euler


In this paper, an improved method (Improved AN-EUL) is presented. This method is based on the combination of the analytical signal and the Euler deconvolution method. Two important parameters such as location and approximate geometry of a magnetic source can be obtained using the conventional AN-EUL method. Altitude of ground and height in upward continuation has been considered for depth determination. Due to the intrinsic nature of the magnetic data, the analytic signal curve of an anomaly is not exactly above the anomaly. Therefore, the previous AN-EUL method cannot give a good estimation of depth and structural index of an anomaly. In this method, reduction to pole filter is applied on the data before the analytic signal filter application. Then, the problem of curve displacement of an anomaly is prevented.
This method is applied on the airborne magnetic data of the Khorramabad area.