Focal mechanisms of Mw 6.5, March 31. 2006 Iran- Silakhor earthquake using data from the Iranian Seismic Network



The source parameters and focal depth of the destructive Mw 6.5, 31 March. 2006 Iran- Silakhor earthquake, the two largest foreshocks and a major aftershock are determined using broadband data from a seismic network in Iran based on a time-domain linear moment tensor inversion. The earthquakes occurred in the Zagros Suture zone in western Iran. Waveform inversion of the selected events estimated focal depths in the range of 15–20km which limits the brittle–ductile transition zone beneath parts of the studied area. The dominant double-couple part of the moment tensor solutions for most of the events indicates that the analysis is working reasonably well and that the amplitudes at the individual stations are not too disturbed by local structure or noise. Re-evaluation of the analyzed events shows predominantly right-lateral strike-slip faulting consistent with the relative motions of the significant faulting in the region.