2D inversion of the Magnetotelluric data from Travale Geothermal Field in Italy



A detailed study of the exploited geothermal field of Travale in Italy was conducted using Magnetotelluric (MT) data in 2004. This paper detects the main features of the conductivity structures of this area. For subsurface mapping purpose, the long period natural-field MT method proved very useful. For processing and modeling of the MT data, 2D inversion schemes were used and to have the best possible interpretation all modes of data were examined.
The resistivity model obtained from MT data is consistent with the geological model of the Travale region down to five kilometers. The current MT results reveal the presence of a deep geothermal reservoir in the area. Recognition of the conductive zones in the resistive basement in many sites can clearly be interpreted as the flow of the fluids in the faults and fractures of the metamorphic rocks.