Application of Single-Frequency Time-Space Filtering Technique for Seismic Ground Roll and Random Noise Attenuation


Assistant Professor, Department of Petroleum and Geophysics, Faculty of Mining, Petroleum and Geophysics Engineering, Shahrood University of Technology, Shahrood, Iran


Time-frequency filtering is an acceptable technique for attenuating noise in 2-D (time-space) and 3-D (time-space-space) reflection seismic data. The common approach for this purpose is transforming each seismic signal from 1-D time domain to a 2-D time-frequency domain and then denoising the signal by a designed filter and finally transforming back the filtered signal to original time domain. The technique is efficient for ground roll and also random noise attenuation. However, if we deal with a large data set and a great number of contaminated signals with ground roll noise, a much move consuming time will be required. In this paper, time-frequency filtering is formulated and carried out by a different approach. The data is transformed from original time-space domain into several single-frequency time-space domains, and the filters to reduce noise is designed in the new domains. The transform is easily and completely invertible. The employed time frequency analysis method is a high-resolution version of S-transform. Application to synthetic and real shot gathers confirms the good performance and efficiency of the method for attenuating ground roll noise and random noise.


Main Subjects

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