Main Subjects = Meteorology
The Performance of the HadGEM2-ES Model in the Evaluation of Seasonal Temperature Anomaly of Iran under RCP scenarios

Volume 45, Issue 3, December 2019, Pages 625-644


Mahmoud Ahmadi; Abbas Ali Dadashi Roudbari; Tayebeh Akbari Azirani; Jamal Karami

A climatological study of the Low Level Jet in Central Desert of Iran (Dashte Kavir)

Volume 45, Issue 3, December 2019, Pages 687-704


Ahad Vazifeh; Abbas Ali Aliakbari-Bidokhti; Majid Mazraeh Farahani

Snow Cover Changes of Zagros Range in 2001-2016 Using Daily Data of MODIS

Volume 45, Issue 2, July 2019, Pages 355-371


Payman Mohammadi Ahmadmahmoudi; Asadollah Khoorani

Experimental study of the effect of hydrophilic particles on fog modification

Volume 45, Issue 2, July 2019, Pages 373-382


Amir Bagheri Mosleh-Abadi; Abbas Ali Aliakbari-Bidokhti; Maryam Gharaylou; Reza Khalife

Dynamical analysis of the effect of tropopause folding on the upper and lower-level frontogenesis

Volume 45, Issue 2, July 2019, Pages 401-421


Mansooreh Abdollahi; Farhang Ahmadi-Givi; Mohammad Mirzaei

Hydrological drought response of regulated river flow under the influence of dam reservoir in Ardabil Province

Volume 45, Issue 2, July 2019, Pages 473-486


Hamed Amini; Abazar Esmali-Ouri; Raoof Mostafazadeh; Meraj Sharari; Mohsen Zabihi

Using cubic Hermite polynomials in constructing monotone semi-Lagrangian methods for advection equation

Volume 45, Issue 1, April 2019, Pages 107-127


Ali Mohammadi; Ali Reza Mohebalhojeh; Majid Mazraeh Farahani

Evaluation of estimator variables in air temperature estimation in January and June based on land cover

Volume 45, Issue 1, April 2019, Pages 129-147


Chenour Mohammadi; Manuchehr Farajzadeh; Yousef Ghavidel Rahimi; Abbas Ali Aliakbari-Bidokhti

Calibration of Amirabad radar parameters for estimating precipitation in hot weather

Volume 45, Issue 1, April 2019, Pages 149-163


Parviz Panjehkoobi; Seyed Abolfazl Masoodian; Abdolazim Ghanghermeh

Simulation of the surface wind field by the WRF model in Oman Sea region with different initial and boundary conditions

Volume 45, Issue 1, April 2019, Pages 197-209


Parvin Ghafarian; Nafiseh Pegahfar; Mohammad Reza Mohammadpour Penchah

Spatiotemporal Variations of Total Cloud Cover and Cloud Optical Thickness in Iran

Volume 44, Issue 4, January 2019, Pages 145-164


Mahmoud Ahmadi; Abbasali Dadashiroudbari; Hamzeh Ahmadi

Study of tropopause folding frequency and its seasonal changes during 2013-2015 emphasizing over Southwest Asia

Volume 44, Issue 3, November 2018, Pages 607-624


Reza Borhani; Farhang Ahmadi-Givi; Sarmad Ghader; Alireza Mohebalhojeh

Assessment and Calibration of Gilan Radar Precipitation intensity using ground station data

Volume 44, Issue 3, November 2018, Pages 679-695


sahar Tajbakhsh; Furugh Momenpoor; hossein Abed; samaneh Negah; Nima Farid Mojtahedi

Identification of inertia–gravity waves ducts over Iran during January to March 2016

Volume 44, Issue 2, July 2018, Pages 321-332


Meysam Zare; Ali Reza Mohebalhojeh; Mohammad Mirzaei