In this article the definitions and the basic mathematics of the 3D DM0 are explained. Also the effect of Kirchhoff integral 3D DM0 method is considered on the Gorgan real 3D seismic reflection data. To achieve this goal, some seismic sections of 3D stacked data plus some velocity spectra on some points are prepared after required preprocessing of the data.
After 3D DM0 corrections, the seismic sections are prepared on the same lines, and also velocity spectra are prepared on the same points. Comparing the sections before and after DM0 correction, the effect of the 3D-DM0 process will be revealed. The results have shown that the quality of the processed data has significantly improved by the 3D-DMO Kirchhoff integral method, and the process cannot be eliminated from the processing sequence.
The dip angles of the layers are between 0 to 50 degrees in the Gorgan area where the data are collected. The work is implemented by using PROMAX 7.1 software on IBM-590 system.