For studying Gold-Arsenic mineralisation in Shirmard region, we have used aeromagnetic data. After processing the data and applying regional
correction, we plotted the total and residual magnetic maps of the region. These maps with respect to the state of magnetic anomaly contours, specify
the existence of a fault in the north of region as well as magnetic bodies in the surface of the region. For obtaining more information. different filters
such as downward continuation, upward continuation, vertical derivative and reduction to the magnetic pole have been applied for determining the
location of deep and shallow magnetic bodies in the region.
Then we determined the average depth of shallow and deep bodies in
the region by forming power density spectrum data. The existence of great aeromagnetic anomaly in this region, variety of mineralisation and
paragenesis of Zarshoran and Aghdareh mineral regions, proves the necessity of economical geology studies. Composed and simultaneous study
of this region with respect to the observed correlation in aeromagnetic interpretation between this region and dispersed mineral signs in around,
have been considered as studical model. In this search we have tried to
offer a correct and rational model by using accurate software and desert examinations simultaneously.