A Study of Bit Condition for Generation Rx -Mode Waves: Interaction of Particles with Z/UH-Mode Waves


Assistant Professor, Department of Space Physics, Institute of Geophysics, University of Tehran, Iran


Interactions of charge particles with electromagnetic waves have important effects (linear and nonlinear) on the propagation of electromagnetic waves, and it can somewhat play a role in generation of the new mode waves. Besides, the particle energies can play an important role in causing instability in plasma. The values of parallel energy of the particles have been calculated so that they can satisfy the nonlinear coupling condition. Furthermore, a result for instability is presented and the initial parameters inferred from the observational data are used. The results show that the nonlinear coupling (particle-wave interaction) can be a candidate for the generation of RX mode wave in equatorial plasmasphere. Besides, the results show that energetic particles that participate in particle - wave interaction have an energy range from 0.058 to 10.23keV. This range of particle energy particle is in agreement with the observation.


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