Cheskin blind thrust and its probable effect on the missing millennium (Qazvin plain)

Volume 37, Issue 2, October 2011, Pages 17-31

reza Sohbati; Morteza Fattahi; Hasan Fazeli; Mark Quigley; Armin Schmidt; Ghasem Azizi; Mehran Maghsoudi

Separation of the gravity anomaly using discrete wavelet analysis and comparing to other classical methods

Volume 37, Issue 4, April 2012, Pages 17-35


Mehrdad Alimoradiyan; Hossein Zomorrodian; Arash Motasharreie

Earthquake swarms, introduction to the records in Iran

Volume 39, Issue 4, January 2014, Pages 17-29


Mohammadreza Ghasemi

Velocity structure of south-east of Iran based on ambient noise analysis

Volume 40, Issue 2, July 2014, Pages 17-30


R. Movaghari; G. Javan-Doloei; M. Nowrozi; A. Sadidkhouy

Fluid replacement modeling in Ilam Formation in one of the southwest Iranian oil reservoirs

Volume 45, Issue 1, April 2019, Pages 17-30


Javad Sharifi; Naser Hafezi Moqaddas; Gholam Reza Lashkaripour; Abdolrahim Javaherian; Marzieh Mirzakhanian

Dating loess by red thermoluminescence of quartz■

Volume 32, Issue 3, June 2006, Pages 21-33

Morteza Fattahi

Blending and Deblending in Seismic Data Acquisition and Processing

Volume 41, Issue 2, August 2015, Pages 177-191


Hooman Karimi; Ali Gholami

Moho Topography Estimation using Interactive Forward Modeling of Gravity Data

Volume 47, Issue 2, August 2021, Pages 225-239


Mohammad Javad Dehghan; Vahid Ebrahimzadeh Ardestani; Ali Dehghani

Detection of gravity-field anomalies associated with great earthquakes in GRACE satellite data using ensemble methods

Volume 43, Issue 2, July 2017, Pages 245-259


Mohsen Shahrisvand; mehdi akhoondzadeh; Yaser Jouybari Moghadam

Magnetic and IP/Res data inversion for investigation of the spatial relation between the geophysical models and mineralization in the southern Dalli Cu-Au porphyry deposit

Volume 48, Issue 2, August 2022, Pages 261-275


Mohammad Hajheidari; Sayyed Mohammad Abtahi Forooshani; Hooshang Asadi Haroni; Keytash Moshtaghian; Ghazal Janghorban