Main Subjects = Seismology
Number of Articles: 24
1. Investigating mode osculation phenomenon in MASW and MALW methods

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 25 May 2021


Hamid Reza SiahKoohi; Hossein Kazemnezhadi

2. Reservoir porosity modelling using support vector regression based on gaussian kernel in an oil field of Iran

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 20 September 2021


Mehdi Rafiee; Majid Bagheri; Majid Nabi-Bidhendi

6. Induced seismicity assessment in Salman-Farsi Dam (Ghir), Iran

Volume 46, Issue 3, Autumn 2020, Pages 409-426


Hamideh Sahraei; seyed Ahmad Alavi; Mohsen Ehteshami Moinabadi

13. High resolution Kirchhoff seismic migration via 1-norm regularized least-squares

Volume 44, Issue 3, Autumn 2018, Pages 557-573


Toktam Zand; Hamid Reza Siahkoohi; Ali Gholami

18. Erratic seismic noise attenuation by weighting of rank reduced Hankel matrix

Volume 42, Issue 1, Spring 2016, Pages 63-73


moslem hashemi; Hamid Reza Siahkoohi; Ali Gholami

23. Blending and Deblending in Seismic Data Acquisition and Processing

Volume 41, Issue 2, Summer 2015, Pages 177-191


Hooman Karimi; Ali Gholami