Author = V. E. Ardestani
Interpretation of near-surface gravity anomalies by the normalized full gradient method

Volume 38, Issue 2, September 2012, Pages 107-121


Meysam Abedi; Ahmad Afshar; Vahid Ebrahimzadeh Ardestani; Gholamhoseein Norouzi

Linear gravity inversion including the minimum moment of inertia

Volume 37, Issue 4, April 2012, Pages 13-26


Vahid Ardestani, E.; Ali Nejati Kalate

3D gravity inversion using a selection of constraints including minimum distance, smoothness and compactness

Volume 37, Issue 3, January 2012, Pages 101-113

Saeed Vatankhah; Vahid Ardestani; Mohammad Ashtari Jafari

Depth estimation of gravity anomalies using Hopfield Neural Networks

Volume 37, Issue 2, October 2011

Ali Reza Hajian; Vahid Ebrahim Zadeh Ardestani; Car Lucas

Depth estimate for gravity anomalies via Euler’s homogenous equation

Volume 32, Issue 2, August 2006, Pages 71-81

Farshad Salajegheh; Vahid E. Ardestani

Depth and shape factor determination by successive correlation coefficients of least-square of residual anomaliesâ– 

Volume 32, Issue 3, June 2006, Pages 91-105

Reza Azadmardan; Vahid Ebrahimzadeh Ardestani; Nasrollah Kamalian

Detection of subsurface Qanats by Artificial Neural Network via Microgravity data

Volume 35, Issue 1, May 2006, Pages 9-15


A. R. Hajian; V. E. Ardestani; C. Lucas; S. M. Saghaiannejad