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Harmonic Noise Cancellation with Varing Fundametal frequency of MRS Signal Using Time-Domain Remote Reference Loop Method

Volume 49, Issue 2, August 2023, Pages 293-311


Adnan Sharafi; Mohammad Kazem Hafizi; Reza Ghanati; Hamid Reza Shirvani Mahdavi

Geophysical Surveys for Saltwater Intrusion Assessment Using Electrical Resistivity Tomography and Electromagnetic Induction Methods

Volume 48, Issue 4, March 2023, Pages 1-20


Danial Mansourian; Asieh Hamidi; Esmael Makarian; Pedram Namazifard; Maryam Mirhashemi

DC Electrical Resistance Tomography Inversion

Volume 47, Issue 4, February 2022, Pages 87-98


Mahdi Fallah Safari; Reza Ghanati

Water Content and Relaxation Time Estimation Using Full-Wave Form Inversion of MRS Signal

Volume 46, Issue 2, July 2020, Pages 225-246


Zahra Esmaeili; Reza Ghanati; Mohammad Kazem Hafizi