Author = Mohammad Moradi
The QBO effect on the wave breaking over the east of mediterranean and west Asia: Critical Latitude Aspect

Volume 48, Issue 1, May 2022, Pages 125-143


Mohammad Mehdi Khodadi; Mohammad Moradi; Majid Azadi; Abbas Ranjbar Saadat Abadi

Contribution of Source Emissions in the Air Pollution Modeling - a WRF/Chem Case Study

Volume 47, Issue 4, February 2022, Pages 143-156


Amir Hosein Nikfal; Abbas Ranjbar Saadat Abadi; Mehdi Rahnama; Sahar Tajbakhsh Mosalman; Mohammad Moradi

Numerical prediction of several radiation and CBL fog events over Iran using the WRF model for late December 2015

Volume 46, Issue 3, November 2020, Pages 561-582


Razieh Pahlavan; Mohammad Moradi; Sahar Tajbakhsh; Majid Azadi; Mehdi Rahnama

Effect of Quasi-Biennial Oscillation (QBO) on the Rossby wave breaking over Europe and West Asia: wave activity aspects

Volume 46, Issue 3, November 2020, Pages 621-642


Mohammad Mehdi Khodadi; Majid Azadi; Mohammad Moradi; Abbas Ranjbar Saadat Abadi

A case study on air pollution diffusion using data from the Bushehr meteorology tower

Volume 46, Issue 1, May 2020, Pages 175-189


Mohammad Moradi; Abbas Ranjbar Saadat Abadi; Parviz Rezazadeh

Forecasting fog using some experimental methods (Tehran and Mashhad airports)

Volume 44, Issue 2, July 2018, Pages 379-395


Sahar Tajbakhsh; Mohammad Moradi; Mehdi Rashidzad; mohammadreza Mohammadpur Panja

A finite-volume numerical model for the simulation of dust transport in the atmosphere

Volume 44, Issue 1, April 2018, Pages 125-146


Sara Karami; Abbas Ranjbar SaadatAbadi; Ali Reza Mohebalhojeh; Mohammad Moradi


Volume 33, Issue 1, June 2007

Normal mode initialization of a regional barotropic primitive model

Volume 29, Issue 1, March 2003, Pages 69-81


Ali Reza Mohebalhojeh; Mohammad Moradi


Volume 25, Issue 1, April 1999