Main Subjects = Meteorology
The Effect of Jet Stream Width on the Growth of Baroclinic Waves

Volume 47, Issue 3, November 2021, Pages 547-560


Ahmad Zadegh Abadi; Maryam Rezazadeh; Ali Mohammadi

Identification of precipitating clouds in the south and southwest of Iran using CALIPSO and CloudSat satellite observations

Volume 47, Issue 2, August 2021, Pages 301-314


Fateme Fallahzade; Hassan Lashkari; Ali Reza Mahmoudian; Ali Akbar Matkan

Feasibility of the use of MODIS products for climatology of precipitable water vapor over Iran

Volume 47, Issue 2, August 2021, Pages 355-370


Mahdi Modiri; Mohammad Rezaei; Mahdi Khazaei; Reza Arab Sahebi

Exploratory analysis and in-homogeneity study of temperature and rainfall series of meteorological stations in Iran (period 1989-2018)

Volume 47, Issue 2, August 2021, Pages 387-407


Mohsen Rahmdel; Seyed Hossein Sanaeinejad; Zohreh Javanshiri; Azadeh Mohamadian

Statistical Evaluation of Cloud Seeding Operations in Central Plateau of Iran in the 2015 Water Year

Volume 47, Issue 1, April 2021, Pages 187-203


Banafsheh Zahraie; Hamed Poursepahy Samian; Mohsen Nasseri; S. Mahmood Taheri

The Evaluations of NEX-GDDP and Marksim Downscaled Data Sets Over Lali Region, Southwest Iran

Volume 46, Issue 4, February 2021, Pages 213-230


Nejat Zeydalinejad; Hamid Reza Nassery; Ali Reza Shakiba; Farshad Alijani

The effect of teleconnection patterns on rainfall and drought in the Urmia Lake basin

Volume 46, Issue 3, November 2020, Pages 537-559


Ayub Mirzayi Hasanlo; Hirad Abghari; Mahdi Erfanian

Numerical prediction of several radiation and CBL fog events over Iran using the WRF model for late December 2015

Volume 46, Issue 3, November 2020, Pages 561-582


Razieh Pahlavan; Mohammad Moradi; Sahar Tajbakhsh; Majid Azadi; Mehdi Rahnama

Effect of Quasi-Biennial Oscillation (QBO) on the Rossby wave breaking over Europe and West Asia: wave activity aspects

Volume 46, Issue 3, November 2020, Pages 621-642


Mohammad Mehdi Khodadi; Majid Azadi; Mohammad Moradi; Abbas Ranjbar Saadat Abadi

A study of summer large-scale circulations and atmospheric boundary layer structure on days associated with dust in southeastern Iran (1987-2016)

Volume 46, Issue 2, July 2020, Pages 295-312


Noushin Khoddam; Sahar Tajbakhsh; Abbas Ali Aliakbari-Bidokhti; Saviz Sehat Kashani; Abbas Ranjbar Saadat Abadi

Study of the Effect of NAO on Precipitation in Iran Using Network Analysis Aproach from November to April of the 1979-2016

Volume 46, Issue 2, July 2020, Pages 313-329


Nafiseh Seyyed Nezhad Golkhatmi; Javad Bazrafshan; Arezoo Nazi Ghameshlou; Parviz Irannejad

Study of planetary boundary layer wind field over Qeshm Island, Iran

Volume 46, Issue 1, May 2020, Pages 129-147


Mona Zarghamipour; Hossein Malakooti