Main Subjects = Gravity
Evaluating CRUST1.0 crustal model efficiency for Moho depth estimation in Middle East region

Volume 48, Issue 1, May 2022, Pages 1-11


Parastoo Jalooli; Hamid Reza Siahkoohi; Hossein Zomorrodian

2D reconstruction of gravity anomalies using the level set method

Volume 48, Issue 1, May 2022, Pages 49-62


Ayoub Hamid; Seyed Hani Motavalli-Anbaran

Moho Topography Estimation using Interactive Forward Modeling of Gravity Data

Volume 47, Issue 2, August 2021, Pages 225-239


Mohammad Javad Dehghan; Vahid Ebrahimzadeh Ardestani; Ali Dehghani

Application of Forward and Inverse Modelling to High-Resolution Gravity Data for Mineral Exploration

Volume 46, Issue 4, February 2021, Pages 117-129


Gideon O, Layade; Hazeez O. Edunjobi; Victor Makinde; B. Saheed Bada

Ground Based Gravimetric for the Detection and Depth Mapping of Subsurface Geological Features of Ilesha, Southwest Nigeria

Volume 46, Issue 4, February 2021, Pages 159-171


Gideon O. Layade; Hazeez O. Edunjobi; Kehinde D. Ajayi; D. P. Olujimi

Sensitivity analysis of time lapse gravity for monitoring fluid saturation changes in a giant multi-phase gas reservoir located in south of Iran

Volume 44, Issue 4, January 2019, Pages 53-61


Abdolmalek Khosravi; Seyed Hani Motavalli-Anbaran; Sajad Sarallah- Zabihi; Mohammad Emami Niri

Inversion of microgravity data around Siah Bisheh dam, for determination of subsurface structures in a tunnel construction path

Volume 43, Issue 2, July 2017, Pages 261-280


Maryam Chegeni; Mahmoud Mirzaei; Mojtaba Babaei; Vahid Ebrahimzadeh Ardestani

Isostasy of Iranian Plateau

Volume 42, Issue 3, December 2016, Pages 549-562


Seyed Hani Motavalli Anbaran

Gravity data inversion using L1-norm stabilizer

Volume 42, Issue 2, September 2016, Pages 337-348


Saeed Vatankhah

Edge Detection of Gravity Anomalies with Normalized Total Horizontal Derivative (NTHD)

Volume 42, Issue 2, September 2016, Pages 349-356


Vahid Entezar Saadat; Seyed Hani Motavalli Anbaran

Interpretation of gravity data of ancient sub-structures in Tepe Hissar, Damghan

Volume 42, Issue 2, September 2016, Pages 357-368


Behzad Sarlak; Ali Nejati Kalateh

Interpretation of gravity anomalies via terracing method of the profile curvature

Volume 41, Issue 4, January 2016, Pages 105-113


Mahnaz Eskandari; Vahid Ebrahimzadeh Ardestani

Depth estimation of gravity anomalies by S-transform of analytic signal

Volume 41, Issue 4, January 2016, Pages 115-124


Naeim Mousavi; Vahid Ebrahimzadeh Ardestani